– ‘Romantic Rocks’ groupshow Podium Artspace, Oslo, Norway, Oct. Curator: Javier Barrios & Fia Cielen.

– ‘Open Studios’, organised by NICC & Studio Start, Antwerp, Sept.

– ‘September 1980’ groupshow Asylum Studios, UK, June. Curator: Thom Trojanowski.

– ‘C2H6O’ groupshow & presentation Pulsar II edition, Antwerp Art Weekend,

Pulsar Artspace, May.

– ‘A Whole Variety’ groupshow LWM18, Antwerp Art Weekend, May.

– ‘Final Proposal’ groupshow Pulsar Artspace, Antwerp, April. Curator: Javier Barrios & Pulsar Artists.

– ‘OFF Paper’ groupshow CC Ekeren, Antwerp, March. Curator: Vincent Surmont.

– ‘Stock’ groupshow NT Gent, Ghent, Feb.



-‘Realms II’ groupshow/book launch, Gordon Snelgrove Gallery, Saskatoon, Canada. Curator: Jon Vaughn. Dec-Jan 2018.
– Presentation Artist Edition ‘Duivelskermis’ trampoline gallery, Antwerp, nov.
– ‘Angst, Angoise, Anxiety’ Groupshow Museum Dr. Guislain, Ghent,


– ‘The Magician’ Solo show Trampoline gallery Antwerp, September.

– Paris Texas, groupshow Antwerp Art Weekend, Antwerp, May.
– Groupshow Pulsar and Presentation of Pulsar I Edition, Antwerp Art        Weekend, May.

-‘Etaleh’ groupshow Antwerp Art Weekend, Central Station Antwerp, May.

-‘Transformers’ Duoshow with Lysandre Begijn, Gouvernement, Ghent, May.
– Artviewer booth, groupshow, Independent Artfair, Brussel, April.
– Groupshow Black Swan Gallery Bruges, curator Els Wuyts, March.
– ‘Black Pit’ groupshow Extrapool Nijmegen, The Netherlands, Januari.



-‘Drawing Front’, group show, Drawing Centre Diepenheim, The Netherlands. March-June. Curated by Arno Kramer.

-‘I Call it The Universal Circle’ group show, RYMD Konstrum, Stockholm Sweden, March-May. Curated by Kristina Junzell.

-‘Field Notes and Dirty Drawings’ group show, Z33 Hasselt, April-May.

-‘ATC’, group show, Galerie Van Blerk, Antwerp. Curated by Charlotte Lybeer & Barry Camps.

-‘Fia Cielen, Monica Flakk, Rina Charlott Lindgren’ Trio show, PIL, Arena Vestfossen, Oslo Norway. May. Curated by Javier Barrios.

-‘Saturn Uranus’ Solo Show, Gasthuiskapel Borgloon, May-June. Selected by Jos Herck.

-‘Salon Sauvage’ groupshow, Art Lab Ghent, May. Curated by Els Wuyts.

-‘SetUp’ groupshow, Pulsar Artspace, Antwerp, June-July. Curated by David Wauters.

-‘Een Groep’ groupshow Galerie De Ziener, Asse. May-June. Curated by Jo De Smedt.

-‘Open Studio’s 2016’, open studio exhibition, Antwerp. September. Organized by NICC & Studio Start.

-‘Just The Tip’, Group Show Pulsar, Antwerp, Octobre- November.



-‘Alchemy of Embodiment’ group show focused on performance, film and music, curated by Fia Cielen & Deer Trail Records, Palazzo, Antwerp, 19th December.

-‘Before the Food Fight’: group show, Chocoladefabriek Tongeren, 17-30 July. Curated by Gert De Clerck.

-‘Dog Day Cabinet’: group show, Gallery C41, Antwerp, 1 August- 20 September.
Curated by Peter Waterschoot & Michel Vaerewijck.

-‘Invisible Shine of Paradox’: trio show, Project Space Studio Start, Antwerp, 25-28 September. Organized by Fia Cielen, Kristien Dirkx & Maryam Najd.

-Permanent Installation ‘Crystal Skies’ at Flemish Parliament, Brussels, Belgium.

-‘A Belgian Politician’: group show, Galerie Marion de Canniere, Antwerp, Belgium. Curated by Lieven Segers & Tom Liekens.



-‘Distance to Zero’: group show, De Garage Rotterdam, 5 sept- 9 nov. Curated by Hans Van Der Ham.

-‘Wondercabinet’: group show, Het Pand, Ghent, 15 july-17 august. Curated by Tom Liekens.

-‘I Created Romance Where There Wasn’t Any’: trio show, Borger 2014, Antwerp. Curated by Charlotte Van Buylaere.

-‘Rituals and Darkness’: group show and event, 30 august, Mr.MakeDo & Deer Trail,
Palazzo, Antwerp. Curated by Mr.Makedo & Deer Trail Productions.

-‘Stille Kracht, rituals in modern art’: group show, Warande Turnhout, 15 feb-20 april.
Curated by Annelies nagels & Bart Van Dijck.

-’20 years Annette De Keyser Gallery’: group show, Antwerp, 24 oct-21 dec.

-‘Missing Link’: group show Artspace Flipside Eindhoven, 19-27 oct.
Curated by Alexandra Crouwers.

-Permanent Installation ‘Amethyst Skies’ at the Belgian Embassy The Hague, 1 okt 2014

-‘First we Take The Hague, Then We Take Berlin’: group show Embassy The Hague, 1 oct ’14-1 oct ’15. Organized & curated by Z33.


-‘Slick Artfair’: Solo show, Brussels, 18-23 april.

-‘Myths Of The Near Future’: Solo show, Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, 14 march-21 april.
Curated by Veerle Devreese.

-‘Schunck’: Groupshow, Heerlen, The Netherlands, 25 jan-7 april.

-‘Parkstad Limburg Prize’: Laureate and winner of public’s prize, Schunck Heerlen, 25jan-7 april.

-‘Off Paper’: Group Show around Drawing, Antwerp, 7-16 feb. Curated by Vincent Surmont.


-‘Dweller on the Treshold’: Solo show, Gallery Annette De Keyser, Antwerp, 13oct-1dec.

-‘Parrallel Worlds’, Manifesta: group show for the Manifesta 2012, Genk, Belgium, 2 june-30 sept.

-‘Ongoing Story’: group show Schunck, Heerlen, 30 jan-20 april.


-‘The December Store’: group show, NO gallery, New York City, 11 dec-15 dec. Curated by Vanessa Albury.

-‘Young Flemish Masters’: group show, Hermitage Museum, Amsterdam, 4 nov-23 march 2012.

-‘The Art of Social Network’: group show, VO Hasselt, 30sept-16oct. Curated by Fred Eerdekens.

-‘I Am Hurt, art as mirror of the soul’: group show, Entrepot Fictief, Ghent, 14aug-10sept.
Curated by Astrid David.

-‘Kunst en Zwalm’ Biennial : group show, Zwalm, 27aug-11sept.

-‘Crossroads, Young Artists from Belgium and The Netherlands’: group show, Kunst Im Tunnel, Dusseldorf, 16april-29may. Curated by Felicitas Rohden.

-‘Wani (Objets Artistiques Non-Indentifiees)’: group show, Fondation d’entreprise Ricard, Paris; 8 april-21may.

-‘Objects and Drawings’: group show, Annette De Keyser Gallery, Antwerp, 13feb-9april.

-‘The Scape in Escape’: group show, Netwerk Aalst, 12feb-27march. Curated by Saskia Ooms.



-‘Hareng Saur, Ensor and Contemporary Art’: group show, SMAK Museum Ghent, oct-feb 2011. Curated by Philippe Van Cauteren & Ronald Vandesompel.

-‘Realms of the Unstable’: group show, Superdeluxe Gallery, Tokyo, 12-20 oct.
Curated by Wouter Vanhaelemeesch.

-‘Realms of the Unstable’: group show, Forest Limit gallery, Tokyo, nov.

-‘Dark Decades’: duo show, K+K Gallery, Brussels, 26aug-19sept. Curated by Delphine Somers & Matthias Wille.

-‘The Perseids’: group show, The Custer Observatory, New York, 14aug. Curated by Vanessa Albury & Max Razdow.

-‘BAT 10’: group show in the public arena, Antwerp, 7may-7sept.
Curated by Flor Bex.

-‘Bad Moon Rising’: group show, UKS Oslo, 24april-16may.

-‘Pen to Paper’: group show and book presentation, Concrete Hermit Gallery, London, 25march-april.

-‘Pen to Paper’: group show, Artspace berlin, Galerie LJ, Paris, april-may.

-‘Kaoz Lily’: group show, VVB82 Gallery, Antwerp, 4-20 march. Curated and Organized by Fia Cielen.

-‘Jenny Watson/ Fia Cielen’: duo show, CIAP, Hasselt, 20 feb-april.

-‘Matchbox’: duo show Fia Cielen & Catherine Petré, Flacc Genk, Belgium.



-‘New Kids on the Block, upcoming artists from Belgium and Germany’: group show, Extra City Antwerp, 12 nov-feb. Curated by Philippe Van Cauteren & Guillaume Bijl.

-‘Hetzelfde en het Andere’ (The Same and the Other): group show, Zebrastraat Ghent, 26 sept. Curated by Willem Elias.

-‘The Last Session’: groupshow, De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, 18 sep-18 oct.

-‘Landscaping’: groupshow, Galerie De Meerse, Hoofddorp, Amsterdam, 6 sep- 4 oct.
Curated by Maarten Vandeneynde.

-‘Last Day of Magic’: group show Scalamata gallery, 2009 Venice Biennial.

-Art Brussels: Solo Show, Brussels Artfair, 24-27 april.

-‘Menhir’: Solo Show, Second Room, Brussels, 11 april.

-‘Pictopia’: group show, Haus Der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, 19 march-3 may.

-‘Isomopolis’: group show, Etablissement d’en Face gallery, Brussels, 6 march-4 april.
Curated by Danaï Anesiadou.


-‘Pencil Towers, Stone Fish, Rising Suns, Ghosts, Auras and other Emerging Entities’: Group exhibition, Rossi Contemporary Gallery, Brussels, Belgium. Curated by Hans Theys & Frank Maes.

-‘Pen to Paper’: Group exhibition, publication Pen to Paper Book, ‘Les Grandes Traversées’, CAPC Musée d’Art Contemporaine, Bordeaux, France. Curated by Jared Gradinger.

-‘To Be Confirmed…’: Private group exhibition by collector Frederik Swennen, Antwerp, Belgium.

-‘Perché realizare un’Opera Quando è Cosi Bella Sognarla Soltanto’: Final Exhibition Show, HISK, Higher Institute for Fine Arts, Ghent, Belgium. In collaboration with S.M.A.K., Ghent. Curated by Philippe Van Cauteren & Thomas Caron.

-‘HISK at Art Brussels’: Group exhibition Hisk Laureates at Art Brussels Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium. Curated by Hans Martens.

-‘Onbegonnen Zoektocht’: Group exhibition VUB Gallery, Brussels, Belgium. Curated by Willem Elias.